This is a special selection of pictures I took when we were down in Antelope Canyon, one of the most famous slot canyons of Arizona. Antelope Canyon is located in Page, beneath Lake Powell. The canyon consists of two different parts: Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon. Our landlord recommended going to the lower part - and so we did.
A few advantages: There are no guided photo tours in the lower part. So staying in the canyon for two hours or longer is not a problem. And - at least when we went there - it was not crowded at all. We only met a few people down there.
The polular light beams, though, can only be watched at the upper part of the canyon as I was told. There is no connection between upper and lower part and each part requires its own entrance fee.
The film rolls I used where Kodak 400's. I didn't bring a tripod - but consider doing that when you go there!
A slide show taking you from one picture to the other will start in a moment. Feel free to use the thumbnails for navigation as well.